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Common Questions

We typically buy cars in 30 minutes, if you have a loan or lease it could take up to an hour.

Yes, we will payoff your loan or lease. If you have equity in your vehicle, we will payoff the outstanding balance and cut you a check for the difference. If you owe more than we offer, you will need to pay us the difference - we take credit cards for deficiency payments.

One of our buying consultants or a third party auto inspector will survey your vehicle.

The certified inspector will examine the exterior and interior or your vehicle. The inspector will take pictures and may take your vehicle out for a road test.

The inspection can be completed at our location, your home, office or wherever is convenient.

You will receive payment on the spot by our business check. We have been in business since 1974 and the bank will verify funds or cash our check - if you prefer a bank check that can be arranged as well.

Yes, we will handle all paperwork.

Don’t trade-in your vehicle without talking to us.

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Boston Car Buyers is a fast, safe and competitive way to sell your car, truck or SUV. We close most sales in 20 minutes and take the hassle out of selling your vehicle privately or trading it in at a dealership. Our sole business is to acquire vehicles in a fast and efficient manner. If you have a quality vehicle in running order - no matter if it is a Hyundai, Porsche or anything in between, we are interested in buying it . Our buying agents will meet you wherever, whenever to purchase your vehicle.